Workout of the Week: Speed Dribble Shooting Drill

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This week’s workout focuses on shooting, dribbling and cardio. It is pretty basic but great for a warmup to your actual workout, and really can be vital to your cardio when done in an intensive manner. Place a cone at each baseline in front of the blocks, one at each elbow, and one in front of the free throw line. You start the drill at the half court line. Dribble as fast as you can and shoot a right handed layup. Then speed dribble back to half court and shoot a shot from the same side block. Speed dribble again and shoot from the right side baseline (mid range). Again speed dribble to the half court and shoot a three pointer from that corner. Your goal is to make 4 shots in a row. Once you have accomplished this, take a rest and make five free throws in a row. You will do the same exercise at every other spot on the floor. The cones are there as a guideline for where your shots will come from. All mid range shots should come at the spot of the cones. Always start with a layup and finish with a three pointer, and don’t forget to speed dribble to half court after each shot. This can be a very challenging drill depending on if you are making your shots or not. You really want to be quick with your dribble, but take your time when you’re shooting. Focus on each shot. I love this drill because you are shooting game shots, and if you are going game speed, then you will be that more prepared for when the game actually comes around. It is also great because you do not need a rebounder. Like always, have fun with this and make yourself a better player.

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