Workout of the Week: Spartacus

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Today’s workout is something I love to do in the offseason because it focuses on all aspects of the body. You work your arms, legs, core, cardio and even your mind as well, The Spartacus workout will work your entire body, and if you are not tired after it, then you are not going intense enough. There is a total of 10 exercises performed during the entirety of the workout. Each exercise is done for 60 seconds, so make sure you have the right weight amount. The lesser the weight, the better. You are more worried about quality than quantity here, although you want to go at a fast pace. There is a 15 second rest between each exercise. After you have finished the sets, take a 2 minute break. You will perform each exercise 3 times ( 3 x 10 sets). Make sure you have a stopwatch with you in order to keep the time going. Each repetition should be done with maximum effort. This workout takes about 40-45 minutes. Without further ado, I give you the Spartacus:

1.) Goblet Squat (Take one dumbbell and place it right on your chest with both hands holding the outside of it-if you have a kettle bell this would be even better. Squat down bringing your elbows to your knees and come back up)

2.) Mountain Climber (Come to plank position, and alternate your knees, bringing each one to the chest)

3.) Single Arm Dumbbell Swing (Switch arm after 30 seconds, take dumbbell in one hand and squat down bringing the dumbbell between your legs, bring it all the way up over your head making sure to straighten your arm completely, then swing it back down into a squat)

4.) T-Pushup (Come to a pushup position, raise one arm up to the sky, coming into a side plank, then switch arms and do the same thing continuously, keep your stomach tight, you can do this with dumbbells in each hand as well)

5.) Split Jump (Stand straight up and jump into a lung position, alternate each leg and get as low as possible)

6.) Dumbbell Row (Bend your knees and arch your back to 90 degrees, have a dumbbell in each hand and bring one to the chest, then alternate with the other one)

7.) Dumbbell Side Lunge and Touch (Have a dumbbell in each hand, perform a side lunge bringing both hands to one foot, rotate to the opposite foot doing the same motion)

8.) Pushup Position Row (Come to a pushup position with a dumbbell in each hand and alternate bringing each dumbbell to the chest, keep stomach tight)

9.) Dumbell Lunge and Rotation (Place one dumbbell  at your chest, lunge forward and twist body to one side, come back up and alternate to the other leg twisting to the other side this time)

10.) Dumbbell Push Press (Standing shoulder press)

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