Quote of the Week

“Why is there is so much hate in our world? We aren’t born with the ability to hate. We learn how to hate. We are molded into the nefariousness of hate by our family, friends, and confidants. We learn to hate people for the color of their skin. We are taught not to tolerate others for their sexual orientations. And as most recently exemplified, we hate others because of their religious beliefs so much so that we are willing to kill. When is all this hate going to stop? We need leaders in our families and communities to step up and end this epidemic because that is exactly what it is. Mothers, fathers, teachers, government leaders, and especially religious leaders need to educate the impressionable youth the values of tolerance and acceptance, not hate. We need to adhere to our beliefs without judging others who might have a different opinion. While it is the radicalism of a few that is causing much of this pain and heartache we can vow to be tolerant, accepting, and compassionate of others in our own communities. If a few can induce such suffering than certainly a few can terminate it as well.”HateQuote

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