Workout of the Week: 66 Shooting Drill

The 66 Shooting Drill focuses on the mid-range and three point shot. It is also great for cardio as well. It is best to do this drill with a rebounder but for an added challenge you can try it without a rebounder.

Start at the free throw line and shoot a jumpshot. Then you immediately step back and shoot a three pointer. Shoot continuously the free throw line and top of the key three point line until you have made 66 points. The free throw shot is worth 2 points, while the three pointer is worth three.

The one monkey wrench thrown into this workout is you cannot miss two shots in a row. So if you miss the two pointer and then miss the three, you have to start at zero again. The key is to make your mid range shots.

I love this drill so much because it puts pressure on you to make your shots. It takes a lot of concentration and focus to complete this drill. See how fast you can finish this drill. If possible, do this drill a few times. Make sure you are going at game speed. You will definitely get some quality shooting in when performing this drill.

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