Thought of the Week: Giving Thanks for What You Have

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With Thanksgiving almost upon us, I figured it would only be feasible that today’s thought delves into giving thanks. A lot of us tend to focus on the things we don’t have, striving for something better. At times, this can be commendable when trying to improve upon your livelihood. But sometimes it is good to take a step back and simply be grateful for what we do have. Our minds will steer us towards the negatives in our lives, that is what the mind does at times. But lets try and shift our perspectives this holiday season, and simply focus on the positive aspects of our lives. I am sure many of us have experienced some difficult moments, but there are many wonderful things in this life as well. Know that when it just hasn’t been your day or maybe even year, it will get better. I am big believer that if we shift our minds towards positivity, than good things will come our way. I hope you all can find something to be thankful for each and everyday. This life is a blessing, and it does not last forever. So please try and enjoy those moments, especially times like tomorrow where you can get together and celebrate amongst one another. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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