Workout of the Week: Power Post Drill

Today’s drill focuses on power moves in the post. There are a variety of moves one can go about doing when playing in the post. This drill emphasizes on power and quickness. You want to make 50 post moves from each block, so a total of 100. I break it down and make 25 moves, then make two free throws in a row. Repeat three more times. You will be getting your cardio in as well. Before you make each move, make sure to throw the ball to yourself and jump stop so you can use either pivot foot. Do any move you like, but make sure to mix it up. You can do drop steps, hook shots, spin moves, face ups. Whatever you like! Just do each repetition in a game like manner. For more cardio you can move from block to block. This drill will definitely improve your post game, and get a good sweat going as well.

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