I’ll Be Happy When…

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I’ll be happy when I purchase a new toy,
A car, a truck, a boat, anything I’ll enjoy.
I’ll be happy for a while at least,
Until my happiness will suddenly cease.
But there’s no time to fret or worry,
I need to be happy again and I have to hurry.
I’ll be happy when I finish the next item on my list,
Because staying busy is the only way I exist.
And the next item will then come to pass,
But happiness still seems out of my grasp.
Maybe I’ll be happy when I can redo the past,
But that certainly seems like a lot to ask.
Then I’ll be happy when I make lots of money,
Everyone will love me and think that I’m funny.
Money will bring me joy cause how could it not?
But should my happiness depend on how many dollars I’ve got?
I am perplexed, not sure where to seek,
For the next place, that happiness’ll be.
Perhaps I’ll be happy when I find the right partner,
Attractive, kind, and always a charmer.
But what about the times when my partner is angry and snappy?
There is no way then that I’ll be completely happy.
But at least I’ll be happy when I have lots of children,
Until they get mad at me and label me a villain.
So if happiness doesn’t depend on a new car or a home,
Or the amount of money I earn or where I am going.
If it doesn’t depend on finding the perfect mate,
Having children and raising them great.
If it doesn’t depend on my job or what I acquire,
Then certainly I’ll be happy after I retire.
When I reach that point my life will have elapsed,
Then I’ll be waiting to be happy until my last gasp.
Now it is becoming clear to see,
That my happiness only depends on me.
The things that I do and the people I cherish
Will add to my joy until the day that I perish.
But I can be happy whenever I desire,
It’s a choice for me and something I require.
Happiness isn’t in the past or in the future roaming,
It is here, right now, in this present moment.
I’ll not only be happy when I experience the good,
I’ll be happy for everything, just because I could.
I may not always like what life throws my way,
But I’ll be happy because I was alive this day.
And being alive isn’t a right- it’s a gift,
Of all the beings that might’ve been, I was picked.
This is a true blessing, a reason to be elated,
And this can never ever be overstated.
I see now that happiness is here for the taking,
Time won’t allow for patiently waiting.
What’s here now is dashing and fleeting,
And my happiness isn’t about having, but being.

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