Workout of the Week: Drury Shooting Drill

This week’s workout is a shooting drill. It is one of my favorite shooting drills and one that I have been doing for many years.

This drill focuses on shooting of the move and pivot. It is comprised of 8 totals shots from 4 different mid-range spots.

You start at the short corner on either side with your back to the basket. Toss the ball to the corner, reverse pivot, turn, face the basket, and shoot the ball.

Then run to opposite elbow, toss the ball, and catch the ball using an inside pivot with the inside leg. Square your feet to the basket and shoot the ball.

Next, run to the same side short corner and again utilize a reverse pivot with the other leg. Turn, face the basket, and shoot the ball.

Finally, you run to the other elbow and toss the ball. Catch with and inside pivot with your feet square to the basket and shoot the ball.

You then repeat the sequence for 8 total shots. Repeat as many times as needed. The goal is to make at least 6 out of 8 shots. You can challenge yourself even more by trying to make 7 or even 8 shots or by shooting three point shots.

Remember to work on staying low and not coming out your stance when you catch the ball. Use the momentum from your base to explode into your shot every time. Make quick pivots so your feet are set and ready when you catch the ball.




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