Workout of the Week: Tennis Ball Triangle Crossovers

This week’s workout is a challenging ballhandling workout. In this drill you will utilize three different types of crossovers: between the legs, behind the back, and front crossover. This workout combines all three crossovers into one “triangle” crossover. To ensure you are keeping your head up and not focused on the ball your are dribbling, you are going to toss a tennis ball at the same time. The goal is to complete the triangle crossover and then catch the ball before it hits the ground.

Typically, I do this workout in sets of 10. I aim to complete 10 “perfect” reps in a row. A perfect rep is where you keep the handle of the ball and you are able to catch the ball before its hits the ground. You can change the amount of reps depending on your skill level.

The focus of the workout is to keep your eyes on the tennis ball, not the basketball ball. Stay in a low and explosive basketball position. Concentrate on crossing the ball over quickly and under control.

As you become more comfortable with the crossover dribbles, see if you can toss the ball lower in order to challenge yourself even more. The lower you toss the ball, the quicker you need to make the crossover dribbles to ensure the tennis ball doesn’t touch the floor.

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