Thought of the Week- Bring Awareness To The Ego

The ego is a leech, a parasite of the most dangerous variety. It feeds on the need to be right, attractive, smart, and wealthy. It consumes pain and suffering in order to flourish. Its hunger is incessant and always in search of the next “thing” it can attach itself to.

Awareness is the antidote to the ego’s destruction. While being observant and aware won’t dismantle the ego immediately, it will diminish it’s influence over time.

Being aware doesn’t mean judging and criticizing yourself every time you notice the ego’s presence in your daily life. It merely means observing how the ego is attempting to play out its stories and imagined scenarios via your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Questioning the ego is the only way to truly dismantle it. Of course, there will be thoughts like “I need my ego to survive so why would I want to get rid of it?” or “If I am without an ego, than I am not really me. My ego helps define who I am.”

As these thoughts arise, remember that this is the ego speaking, not you. You are not your ego and your ego is not you.

As you begin questioning the egotistical thoughts that you experience, and as you become skilled at not reacting every instance the ego cajoles you, you gain more awareness.

The ego can only survive in the past or the future. It can’t exist in the present moment. It can’t carry out its ugliness whilst you are aware. Your mind must be unconscious for the ego to endure. With awareness your mind develops into a conscious state of being. The ego can’t thrive when you are conscious of it.

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