Real Change Is For YOUR Best Interests, Not The Ego’s

We are constantly changing. Every moment. Every day. We are always changing. It is a fact. Our bodies are changing. Our minds are changing. Change is happening now and it will continue to happen until we all cease to exist.
Many of the changes that occur are going to happen whether we want them to or not. Despite our best efforts to restrict or obstruct them we really have no choice. They are inevitable.
But what about the changes that we willingly undergo throughout life? Why do we choose to make them? What causes us to switch careers? What leads us to end romantic relationships and severe ties with friends and family members? What drives us to dramatically alter our appearances?
I am not implying that examples of these kind of changes aren’t necessary. I believe many of them are especially in situations that call for it. It takes courage, strength, perseverance, and patience to institute real change.
I am cautioning that change can often be catalyzed by the ego. Because of this it is important for us to observe where the desire to change stems from. This requires a lot of observation and awareness of the mind.
If you are unaware that the unconscious mind is infiltrated by the ego then you won’t recognize its demands to change. As you begin to question the things your mind insists instead of simply reacting to everything it (the ego) craves then you begin to understand it more.
You then can embrace change. You will not be so quick to change because someone or something doesn’t meet your expectations. You won’t be so quick to victimize yourself in adverse situations and seek quick resolutions. You will shift your mind’s perspective which is one of the greatest changes you can make.
Change when it is necessary, which it will be often during your life. But ensure this change is driven by your desire to better yourself and those around you. Don’t change to bolster your ego. This kind of change won’t last and it will bring you more pain than benefits.

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