CondItIonal Love

I am willing to love you, but before I do,
I’ll require a few conditions from you.
First, your duty is to make me happy,
No matter how you feel, great or crappy.
Even when you’re busy or in a bind,
I expect you to be joyful all the time.
This is particularly true when you’re in my presence,
Because I should always be your highest pleasance.
Despite being sad and experiencing a tough day,
You should be glad that I’m adhering your love my way.
I’ll call you beautiful and dote upon you like a princess,
As long as you’re dutiful- your scope should be on my best interests.
You can hold opinions and convictions you deem righteous,
But under my dominion I prefer my diction teamed with bias.
I welcome conflict and I invite you to disagree,
I’ll contradict your logic quite swiftly.
I’ll love you if you remember that whenever we argue or fight,
No matter the circumstances I am always right.

The I in which I am referring is neither you nor me,
It’s most definitely not someone you’re incurring to be.
This I has been created through years of unconscious thought,
Becoming conscious is the key to ending what the I has taught.
WE are rational beings and WE have the power to observe,
Our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and our words.
By taking notice of what the I creates,
WE can focus on rational debates,
Instead of simply believing the I’s inconsistent hypocrisies,
WE implicitly achieve wise and persistent modesty.
Instead of focusing the attention on me,
You chose to be an extension of WE.
I has conditions that need to be met,
WE supersedes any conditional specs.
WE contain an inner power more precious than blood,
That power is merely Unconditional Love.

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