Workout of the Week: Minnesota Pin Down Shooting

The purpose of this drill is to work on coming off pin down screens while utilizing proper footwork. This will allow you to get shots up quicker with better results.

Set up a chair on each elbow or just below each elbow. You can also set up the chairs in the short corners in order to work baseline screen jump shots.

Besides a shooter you will need someone to pass from the top of the key, rebound and keep track of the time. This can potentially be fulfilled by one other person. The shooter starts underneath the basket. As soon as the shooter makes the first movement, the clock starts.

The shooter cuts around one chair utilizing proper footwork to set up the shot. This means the shooter is staying low and leading with the inside shoulder. The feet should follow with the inside foot being the first foot that is planted on the ground pointed toward the basket. The other foot should immediately square up to the basket. It is important the shooter is balanced so the feet should be approximately shoulder width apart with the shooting foot (right handed or left handed shooter) being just a tad in front of the other foot.

Viewing the court from underneath the basket, if the shooter is cutting to the left side chair, then the right foot is the inside lead foot. If the shooter is cutting to the right side chair, then the left foot is the inside lead foot.

The shooter has ten seconds to make three midrange shots. The drill is very challenging because even if you are going through it really fast you are probably only going to get 3 maybe 4 shot attempts. It is imperative that you sprint during this drill, focus on getting your shot up quickly, as well as concentrate on making every shot.

You can also shoot three pointers but you will probably need to add some more time.

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