Thought of the Week: Resistance, Judgment, and Attachment-Three Obstacles to Contentment

I am currently reading Echkart Tolle’s A New Earth. It would be an understatement to say that I enjoy this book. I recommend it to anyone who desires to live more freely and contentedly. I also suggest checking out one of his earlier works, The Power of Now.
I don’t want to give away too much of this profoundly impactful piece of literature from Mr. Tolle, but I felt compelled to dedicate today’s post to some of his inspiring words.
He talks a lot about discovering or finding your inner self. There is one line in the book that particularly grasped my attention: “Nonresistance, nonjudgement, and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living” (Tolle 225).
Imagine yourself not resisting situations or not judging other people or not attaching yourself to material objects and people. How liberating would that be? Imagine yourself not conceding to your mind’s desire to resist, judge, and attach?
Nonresistance and nonjudgement are predicated on accepting situations for what they are and accepting people for who they are no matter what. It is realizing that all situations, whether positive or negative, are not permanent. They will come and then they will go.
The less you resist in the adverse moments, the more content you are going to be with life. The less you try to hold onto positive moments when their time has clearly passed, the more content you are going to be with life.
This shouldn’t be interpreted as allowing yourself to simply give up or not attempt to make changes when they are necessary. Nor should it be interpreted as carrying a cynical attitude during the positive moments because they are going to end eventually. Accept what it is in the moment. Change when change is possible. Relish and savor the moments that you love. Be comfortable in the fact that all moments will eventually come to pass. There is no need to rush through any of them.
Your ego will insist that you should resist during difficult times because resisting makes the ego relevant. In not resisting, the ego becomes weak, and therefore your enlightenment grows. So even in the most trying times you have the choice and the ability to not resist. There is nothing more powerful than being able to be in the present moment even if that moment is undesirable.
Your ego is the king or queen of judging people and situations. Often these judgments come in the form of comparisons. This person isn’t as good as me or this person should be doing this. If you become aware of the judgments that your ego creates than you won’t allow yourself to be dragged into the ego’s pain and suffering. You always have the choice of resisting and judging or accepting and being.
Resistance and judgment are caused by the ego’s attachment to situations, thoughts, and beliefs.
If you want to be happy and enlightened then practice nonattachment. Since all situations are impermanent and you have no control over every circumstance that will take place in your life, it behooves you to live detached, rather than attached.
This doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t enjoy the relationships you forge or the time you spend with your loved ones. Contrarily, it is more of a reason to take full advantage of these moments because you are aware that all beings and situations will pass at some point. No one knows when that will be.
Living with this mindset assists you in not attaching yourself to the false and limiting beliefs that the ego uses to torment the mind. If you live detached than you don’t have an opinion on the way your life should be or an opinion of how people should act towards you. You can feel grief and jubilation just like anyone else, but it won’t be caused by your inability to detach from a situation.

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