Thought of the Week: Enjoy Moments of Solitude

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With new advancements in technology developing at an accelerated rate, it seems like we are never alone anymore, even when we are by ourselves. Social media has taken away our privacy, and allowed for us to live in a world where we can share anything that occurs in our day to day lives. Even though I am not a huge advocate of social media, I know it does have its beneficial aspects. But sometimes I wonder if today’s youth are too invested in this social world. After all, most teenagers only know the world with smartphones and Facebook. What happened to those moments where we didn’t need all of that technology mumbo jumbo? Where are those moments of solitude? Progression is a wonderful thing, but I feel like sometimes we as a society need to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, and just be. We need to enjoy those moments where we have nothing distracting us (i.e. television, twitter, google, etc). We need to bask in the greatness of the world around us. Instead of doing something, simply do nothing. It is good for our minds and our bodies, to just take a step back and breath. There will always be time for checking our emails, Facebook, talking with friends, etc. Make some quiet time for yourself today. Be alone, disconnect, and live.

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