Thought of the Week: Discover Your Inner Purpose

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Money, fame, a booming career, a perfect relationship, a loving family are often the external purposes that people strive for in life. They assume that accomplishing all those objectives outside of themselves will automatically create happiness, joy, and contentment.
Perhaps these “external purposes” will add some pleasure and delight to your life, but how long do you think it will last? And will it be enough to bolster you throughout life when times get challenging, and perhaps, downright trying?
If you are honest with yourself you have come to the conclusion that nothing is permanent in life. “Good” things happen to you as well as “bad” things. They come and go like the ebb and flow from a wave crashing in the ocean.
Without a genuine comprehension of your inner purpose in life you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable to life’s ups and downs. This susceptibility is steeped in unconscious thinking and doing.
Failure to be aware prevents you from observing what your primary purpose in life is: to simply be. Being is about accepting the present moment. It is about completely concentrating on your being in this moment and not focused on some other moment from the past of future.
Unconsciousness impedes your ability to recognize what is. In this state of mind you are completely controlled by your ego. Your ego guides your thoughts, actions, emotions, beliefs, etc. There are no options for you that don’t revolve around the ego.
As you discover your inner purpose you awaken from these treacherous mind states. You don’t allow your ego to take hold of your moment by moment living. You are more skillfully adept at living with the positive and negative occurrences in your life.
This doesn’t mean that you aren’t ever sad or upset or that you don’t express negative emotions. It conveys that you are in control of these emotions and feelings, not the ego. You don’t blame others for your actions. Your contentment doesn’t teeter totter like a seesaw depending on what’s going on that minute, hour, or day. It stays consistent.
This is why your inner purpose is so much more powerful than your outer purpose could ever be. You don’t need to give up on your dreams and external aims but keep your inner purpose at the core of your being. Your inner purpose is what solidifies you. It is the foundation of your contentment in life.

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