Workout of the Week: Chest Back Shoulder Crusher

This week’s workout focuses on upper body strength, particularly the back, chest, and shoulders. This is a beginning workout with three parts. Don’t feel compelled to perform all three parts if you aren’t ready.

If you can do the first workout fairly easily then advance onto the next one. If not stay where you are at. Listen to your body and never over train!

Perform three different exercises for four rounds. One round is over after each exercised is finished. Try to do the allotted number of reps for each exercise. If you can do more, go for it. Only rest for one or two minutes in between each round.
Normal Pushups (4×10) Hands underneath the shoulders with your body in a straight line. Be sure to not arch your back too much or strain your back.
Towel Pull Ups (4×10) Lying on your stomach tightly grip a towel with both hands extended out in front of you. Tilt your head up off the ground slightly with your chest up but be careful to not strain your neck. Bring the towel to your chest in a slow controlled motion. Keep the towel tight and do not strain your back.
Wide Grip Pushups (4×10) Same as normal except start your hands out wider than shoulder width apart. This works the outer pectorals as well as your shoulders and lats.
Jumping Pushups (4×10) Same as a normal pushup except you are going to push up off the ground as you come up.
Pikes (4×10) Hands start out in front of your head. Butt should be in the air and legs should be spread. Tilt your head down and stare in between your feet. Press down and up. You should feel this completely in your shoulders.
Superman (4×20) Lie on your stomach with your feet and arms on the ground. Staring straight ahead you are slowly going to lift your arms and legs off the ground at the same time. Don’t strain your back or make any violent movements.
Hands Pointed In Push Ups (4×10) Same as normal pushup but point your hands in towards your body.
Diver Bombers (4×6) Start in the same position as you would for a pike pushup. Bending your arms, bring your chest towards the floor while also allowing your butt to slowly come down towards the floor as well. Be careful not to strain your back. Your goal is to bring your torso as far forward as you can so your head goes past your arms. From this position, you will bring your body back into the position you started from.
Hands Pointed Out Push Ups (4×10) Same as normal pushup but point your hands outwards away from your body.

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