Workout of the Week: 5 Spot Shooting

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This week’s workout is pretty basic and can be done without a rebounder. You start under the basket and spin the ball to yourself at either baseline. With the proper footwork, you will step and shoot a normal mid-range jumper. You will do this until you have made two shots in a row. Then you do the same thing at the elbow, the free throw line, the opposite elbow and the opposite baseline. You must make two shots in a row at each spot. But there is one vital aspect to this drill; you are only allowed one miss the entire time. So if you miss on your first attempt, then you must make 10 straight shots. If you miss after making four straight, then you must proceed to make the next six shots. If you miss more than once, then you must start the drill over again. Once you have achieved this, you will shoot two dribble pull up jump shots from each of the five spots. If you really have confidence in your shot, you can attempt to try from three point range. Maybe instead of only one miss, you are allowed two here. This drill is not easy because you have to go at a high pace, so you will get tired. And the more tired you get, the easier it is to stop focusing on your shooting mechanics. The key is to focus on each shot, using proper footwork and shooting motion.

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