Take Responsbility For Your Perspective

How do you view your days, the world in general, and the people you interact with and encounter? Do you consistently lug a pessimistic attitude your circumstances, which can be overbearing and completely burdensome or do you gracefully tote an attitude of acceptance and even zeal about your lot in life? Before you answer these questions you first need to understand what each perspective offers.
The first option, or what I like to coin the cynical perspective, will grant you a lifetime of pain and suffering. Cynics believe that all people are inherently bad and up to no good, and that people are out to get them. No matter what they do, how hard they work, or how respectful they are of other people, they just can’t seem to get ahead in life. People always find a way to disappoint them.
Cynics choose to not only regard other people in a negative light; they also choose to view themselves with loads of self-contempt. No matter what they do they never quite feel “good enough.” They are unable and unwilling to accept themselves, nor do they really want to. They are the ultimate representation of victimhood. If they don’t feel sorry for themselves, no one else will.
Cynics may experience minute moments of pleasure and pseudo-contentment, but it never lasts. The ego is mature and defined inside the minds’ of those who choose to live with this perspective on a daily basis.
I have heard people who have this mental outlook say that they don’t consider themselves cynics, rather realists. They honestly feel that life is supposed to be difficult and challenging all the time. How can one be happy with all the madness and chaos that ensues on a daily basis?
The optimist chooses to observe the world differently. Optimists choose to create a sense of purpose in their lives without waiting on other people to make it happen for them. When optimists fail they choose to discover which lessons they can learn from their failures without allowing their failures to define them.
Optimists don’t view the world from an unrealistic perspective, nor do they live with an unauthentic view of happiness. They experience a variety of emotions, not allowing any single emotion to alter their genuine contentment with life.
They take responsibility for the attitude they choose to carry without blaming someone else for their misfortunes. They act in contrast to the victimization that cynics choose to depict.
Perhaps this seems harsh to people who are cynics. If you or anyone else chooses to be a cynic what is wrong with that? The simple answer is there is nothing wrong with it if you don’t desire to be happy.
But you and every other living and breathing being share the same goal in life, the same purpose if you will: you want to be happy. Your ego may try to convince you otherwise, but deep inside your being you want to be happy.
Everyone is going to experience hardship and struggle. Everyone is going to lose someone they love. Your perspective will come into question during these times. How will you respond? Changing your perspective doesn’t happen overnight, but realizing that you have control of it is a great start.

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