Workout of the Week: 5 Man Transition Offense

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Today’s drill focuses on transition offense by creating correct spacing on the floor. You will eventually work your way up to 5 players, but at first let’s begin with 2 players. Each player will stand at one of the elbows. One player will have a ball and throw it off the backboard. As the ball goes up, the other player will run to the sideline. The rebounder will take the ball and make a pass to the player at the sideline. The rebounder will then run around the dribbler and sprint towards the opposite side block. The dibbler will speed dribble all the way to the opposite side elbow. Once here, he or she will jump stop and make a bounce pass to the rim runner, who will proceed to finish with a layup. Now add a third player to the mix. This player will stand at one of the wings. Once the ball goes up, they will simply sprint the floor to the opposite side wing. The passer will now pass to the wing, instead of hitting the guy running down the lane. This wing player will proceed to make a pass inside to the rim runner for a layup. A fourth player is now added. He will be the trailer. When the balls goes up, the wing is still running, the rim runner runs to the opposite side block, and the guard dribbles fast up the floor, like usual. The trailer will stay behind the guard, and once the guard reaches the opposite side elbow, they will come and set a high ball screen. The player on the wing will fill up high, while the other big on the block will space out to the opposite side, giving the trailer room to roll to the basket. The guard coming off the screen will hit the roll man for a layup. The final situation will have another wing player. Now when the balls goes up there will be two wings sprinting the floor along with the rim runner, who goes to the opposite side block. The guard will come to the elbow and will reverse the ball to the trailer. The trailer will then swing the ball to the opposite wing player. As this happens the big on the block will follow the ball to the opposite side corner, creating more space in the paint. The guard and trailer will set a staggered screen for the other wing player. This player will curl off the first screen and look to post up. If no pass is made here, this player will fill out to the other corner. The low guard setting the staggered will then come off the trailer screen and either shoot, curl, or receive a high pick from the trailer. After this, you just play and read the situations. This drill is great for spacing, and also for making reads. Sometimes basketball is all about reading the game and just playing. Specific plays are not always necessary. It is important to just go out and play with and off of one another.

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