Thought of the Week: Take Responsibility For Your Goals

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There are dreamers and there are doers. I use to believe this statement was too harsh and too succinct to merit any real truth. I use to view it with enormous skepticism. As I have continued on the path of life my opinion has shifted.

There are people who dream without taking any action towards facilitating their dreams. There are also people who dream, set goals in order to accomplish their dreams, and ultimately fulfill them.

The difference lies in the responsibility that “doers” take to manifest their goals. These kinds of people don’t make excuses or blame others for why their ambitions didn’t pan out. When they encounter-because it is a matter of when and not if-roadblocks or even heaven forbid that nasty “F” word Failure, they seek ways to overcome their adversity. They don’t wait for or expect someone else to dig them out.

What about if you set goals but nothing seemingly productive comes from it? This is why your perspective is so damn important. It is never a waste of time to set objectives and pursue them purposefully. A skewed perspective would tell you not “achieving” your goals means you failed and therefore, wasted your time. A just perspective insists that setting goals can only benefit you as a person.

If you honestly believe that what you want to accomplish in life is in your control no matter what, and that you will encounter various forms of adversity in the process of realizing your ambitions, then you are already taking responsibility.

If you presume that all your aspirations are hogwash and there is no possible way you could ever accomplish them because you lack command of your destiny, you are choosing not to take responsibility.

It is also essential to remember that rest and relaxation are necessities, but when it is time to be productive than nothing should impede your progress. Also, setting long term goals doesn’t imply focusing solely on the end target. It is the journey to these accomplishments where enjoyment is found. Staying present amongst all of this is the key to assuming full responsibility. What are you doing now to cultivate your greatest accomplishments?

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