Workout of the Week: Team Pyramid Shooting

This week’s workout is a fun and competitive shooting drill you can do in teams with mulitple players or in a one-on-one competition.

Each team will shoot from 5 positions on the court: the baseline areas on both sides, the elbow/wing areas on both sides, and the top.

Within each area there are three spots you shoot from: lane line, mid range between lane line and three point line, and three point line. For the top position your first position should be inside the middle of the paint.

From the first spot (lane line) at each position you have to make 4 in a row as a team. From the second spot (mid range) you have to make 3 in a row and from the third spot (three point line) you have to make 2 in a row.

After you finish making the shots from one position your team yells “change”. This indicates to the other team it is time to change ends of the court. So the team that won the position would change ends of the court but go to a different position. For example, if they just finished the baseline position, then they move to an elbow/wing position on the opposite end of the court.

The other team who didn’t yet finish their position would need to finish it on the other end. They are allowed to pick up from where they left off. They don’t need to start over again. For example, if they had 1 made three pointer before the change, then after the change they only need to make one more three pointer.

Once your team finished making shots from all 5 positions then they need to make a half court shot to end the drill. First team to finish all this is the winner.

You can add more or less made shots in a row for each spot depending on the skill level of your players. You can also use off the dribble shots or, if you prefer not to “change” then you can just stay on one side of the court.

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