There’s Never A Perfect Time

There is never a perfect time to do anything. Ever. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not in a year from now. Never. So why wait? What are you waiting for?

This is the metaphorical slap-in-the-face you need to wake up and start pursuing your dreams. Perhaps this is coming at the perfect time.

So often we as homo sapiens, use this perfect time diction as an excuse to not do something. I have used it often to put off doing things that I assured myself I wanted to but I would wait to later at the perfect time. In most of these cases I never actually get around to accomplishing the task.

And the excuse that the timing at this moment isn’t perfect or just isn’t right, won’t fly because you make time for the goals you want to achieve. If you don’t make the time, then the goal or task or hobby just isn’t important enough. Even if the steps are merely incremental, progress is made simply by blocking out time to work towards your goals.

So I implore you to stop waiting for the perfect time. Let go of this irrational excuse. Whether you want to learn a language, start a new exercise program, author a book, quit your job and start a new job, get married, have kids, etc. stop waiting for the perfect time because it ain’t coming any time soon. Just go for it. You will thank yourself later.

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