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It took me 33 years to see the error of my ways. I admit it. I used to not really care too much about the planet. I didn’t go out of my way to destroy it, but I certainly didn’t do a lot to preserve it.

I was also a hypocrit. I said I loved animals, but I continued to eat meat and other animal products. Some of this was probably out of ignorance, not knowing what the animals were going through in order to produce the product that I would ultimately consume. Some of it, I will admit, was out of convenience and ease. It seemed easier to eat animal products because they are so readily available.But I’m at a point now where I’m disappointed and fed up.

What in the hell is wrong with humanity? We are killing the planet, senselessly destroying beautiful and elegant ecosystems for the almighty dollar. We are literally changing the climate at an alarming rate. If that wasn’t scary enough, we have people in the highest positions of power who still believe global warming and climate change is some sort of a myth or fad that will eventually pass.

And the biggest contributor to environmental devastation is the mega industrial factory farming. Factory farming is fueling our planet’s demise and no one seems to care. Why is this? Money talks, poor environmental standards don’t.

Excluding humans, animals don’t talk either. At least not in the sense in which we are accustomed. Perhaps they don’t “talk” in the same manner that we do, but they communicate just the same. They experience emotions and feel pain in the same way that we do. We are all animals.

Animals have no voice in this whole matter. Many people argue that the main detriment of factory farming is the adverse effect it has on the planet. While this may be true, I along with other animal activists, argue that the continual mistreatment of these poor, defenseless creatures is unbelievably cruel and unnecessary.

Imagine being born into a society where you are immediately separated from your mother and family. During your miserable existence you are tortured, without even an ounce of consideration for the pain you are experiencing. You are forced to live in filthy and unlivable conditions, often crammed with other animals just like you.

Baby chicks are tossed into grinders to become meat as if their lives didn’t matter. Cows have their throats slit, sometimes suffering for hours before they die. Chickens have their beaks cut off without anesthetic. Baby pigs are castrated, have their teeth pulled, and have their tails cut off, all without anesthesia. Animals are forced to live in enclosed areas with no room to move; they are beaten and inhumanely killed by the hundreds of thousands without a thought as to how they are affected.

I have heard arguments that these animals that are born into the factory farming industry don’t know any better. I call bullshit on this. If you watch this video and see the fear in their eyes, you can see that they don’t want to be treated this way. They deserve better.

Perhaps some farmers do things in the “right” way. In these instances maybe the animals are treated with respect before they are humanely killed. But I have to ask what gives us the right to decide that an animal should be killed? It goes without saying that an animal shouldn’t be beaten, tortured, and senselessly murdered. What gives us, as humans, the right to exploit these beautiful creatures? We are all animals after all.

The saddest and most frustrating thing for me is that so many people don’t seem to care. We have, for some reason, pegged ourselves as the ultimate species. We have placed ourselves on a pedestal to the point where we don’t give a shit about what we do to other animals. If harm humans than that is bad but harming animals is no big deal.

Animals shouldn’t be treated as slaves, items to buy and sell and treat as we would like. We wouldn’t wish the inhumane treatment animals experience on a daily basis to our worst enemies. When humans are treated in this way there is an investigation and we find the culprit in order to do our best to preserve society. Don’t animals deserve the same dignity and justice?

As humans we have the capacity to do some amazingly wonderful things. On the flip side, we have shown our ability to kill in an inexplicable manner.

I am issuing a challenge to you. If you truly love animals make a damn change. Stop eating meat. If you are feeling really ambitious, stop eating all animal products. If you love animals you can’t keep eating this crap. If you do, then you are supporting industrial factory farming. You can deny it all you want, but it is that simple.

If you don’t love animals than ask yourself if you love the planet you live in. If your answer is yes, and you care about sustaining the planet for your generation, your children’s generation, and the many generations to follow, then make a damn change. Stop supporting industrial factory farming. If you can’t completely give up meat and animal products then please try to limit what you consume. Don’t justify what these people are doing to these helpless victims.

If you simply don’t care about animals, the environment, or anything else then keep doing what you are doing. Hopefully there will be a planet for you and your loved ones to habituate in the future.

We are all animals. Some are smaller. Some are bigger. We just so happen to have an ability to make decisions, create and as well as destroy, unlike any other species. It doesn’t make us better. It just makes us different. So far we have chosen to use our powers for the detriment of the planet. Let’s make a change and use that power for good.


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