Lesson 1-What’s Important to You?

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In order to spread the word about a new book I’m in the process of writing, What I’ve Learned (So Far…), I’d like to share previews of each of the lessons that are contained in this book.

Please understand that these aren’t truths or ideologies that you must live by or else. Rather, they are lessons that I have comprised over my time on this planet.

While I have acquired a lot of knowledge from many wise people over the years, this isn’t near a finished product, hence the title ending (So Far…).

We are beings that have the opportunity to constantly learn and soak up new information. Some of it is relevant, some of it is crap. It is up to each individual to decide what is valuable and what is worthless bollocks. Utilizing that spirit, I invite you to take these lessons for what they are: valuable or worthless bollocks. Hopefully, they enrich your life as much as they have mine.

Lesson 1

What’s important to you?

Sorry I am making you really think with this first lesson. It is an important, yet seemingly, impossible question with ostensibly endless amounts of answers.

The beauty of this lesson is that no one else can answer it for you. This is as personal of a question as there is.

Is it family, friends, pets, or social interactions? Is it money, prestige, fame, or success? Is it Facebook, What’sApp, your phone, or video games? Is it saving the planet, helping others, or being a good steward? Is it exercise or being beautiful and attractive?

Figure out what is important to you and allow it to lead your decision-making throughout life. Once you determine what is important to you, you have unraveled the ultimate compass for your life. You will never steer in the wrong direction as long as you dutifully follow the answer to your question.

Now, there is a caveat to this question, a buyer beware if you will. When resolving the answer to this question please make sure you are genuine. I don’t say that to be insulting. I implore you to answer authentically because not doing so will result in a lifetime of chasing fallacies.

Observe anyone with an addiction or obsession and you will notice that what’s important and what’s best for the individual don’t align. Don’t answer this question based solely on what’s going to make you feel good or what’s going to make you look good; answer this question with your best intentions in mind, and possibly even the intentions of others as well.

I remind you that there is not one right, correct, and true response to this. It is dependent on the individual. I’m not going to tell you that x,y,z should be important to you. That would be arrogant and disrespectful. Everyone needs to discover that for themselves. For some people it is easy. For others it is more difficult. Don’t force it or try too hard to find the answer because eventually the answer will be right there in front of you.

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