Lesson 3: Pursue Your Passions, Not Perfection

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You’ve heard the old adage, “nobody is perfect.” While the idea of perfection is certainly open to debate, there is merit in this nugget of wisdom.

What is perfect? What does it mean to be perfect? One definition is the action or process of improving something until it is faultless. In this sense perfection means to be without flaws or faults.

Rationally, reaching the end goal of perfection seems improbable or even impossible. Using the context of sports offers a great example of this. Even if a football team plays a “perfect” season in which it wins every game it plays, it will still make a countless amount of errors in order to end the season as undefeated. In that sense the team isn’t flawless or perfect. In fact, it was the errors and mistakes that enabled the team to learn, grow, and improve together.

The point is even perfection isn’t truly perfect because as a living being you are bound to make mistakes, and dare I say, fail a lot. Part of the beauty of the journey is learning how to overcome these obstacles. Imagine if you no longer erred or didn’t have any room to improve. Why would you pursue anything? A world full of “perfect” people would be robotic, lifeless, and dull.

This concept is critical for you as you set out to pursue your passions. Don’t focus on chasing perfection. You will probably end up on the short end of the stick, never getting there, becoming overly frustrated, and missing out on the joy of the entire experience because you failed to reach that utopia known as perfection.

Instead concentrate on the passion itself. Enjoy the process, not the end result. If you genuinely enjoy being engaged in your passion, and seek ways to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to your passions, success will come.

Perhaps you will reach perfection at some point, but until that moment, appreciate the improvements you make each day!

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