Basketball Drill of the Day: DM Drill

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The DM (Dan Mike) Drill is a agility drill that incorporates speed, quickness and coordination. You need three tennis balls and one cone for this drill. There will be one tennis ball on the baseline and two other tennis balls next to each other on the half court line. There will also be a cone diagonally placed on the opposite side of the court from where you start the drill. This cone will be placed in line with the elbow on that sideline. The drill starts on the baseline under the basket. You will first sprint straight towards the half court line and pick up one of the tennis balls. Then you will immediately sprint back towards the baseline, touch the line and again sprint diagonally towards the cone. You will stutter step with high hands around the cone and go direclty into a slide across the free throw line. After you are in line with that second ball on the half court line, you run after it and pick it up. Then you will sprint back to the baseline and pick up the final tennis ball from where you started the drill. Time yourself to see how you do. How fast can you finish this drill? Do you think you can beat Mike and me? Good luck!






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