How Happy Am I Today?-Optimism

“But there is an even deeper dimension to optimism, that of realizing the potential for transformation that is in every human being, regardless of his or her condition. It is that potential, in the end, that gives meaning to human life. The ultimate pessimism is in thinking that life in general is not worth living. The ultimate optimism lies in understanding that every passing moment is a treasure, in joy as in adversity. These are not subtle nuances, but a fundamental difference in the way of seeing things. This divergence of perspective depends on whether or not we have found within ourselves the fulfillment that alone fuels inner peace.”

-Matthieu Riccard

From what perspective do you view life? Is the glass half empty or half full? How do you want to live your life’? What are some ways we as a people can improve upon our internal and external optimism?

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