How Happy Am I Today? Dismantling the Ego

You often associate yourself with the ego. You identify with it. It drives you to be better than others in school, sports, work, etc. When you feel you have been wronged it is there to let you know that you don’t deserve to be mistreated. You probably fear losing the ego because you are so accustomed to it, but ask yourself how often has the ego truly assisted you in being happier?

The ego feeds of your pain and suffering. It feeds off the imagined stories you play out in your mind about the past and the future. It needs that to survive. Everytime you have a negative emotional reaction, the ego gains more strength, and you identify yourself with it more.

How do you dismantle the ego? First you need to believe that you are not the ego just like you are not the mind. Then you need awareness, attention, and acceptance. Be aware of the ego when it tries to introduce pain and suffering in your life. Keep your attention on it and notice it. Don’t beat yourself up because you are having these thoughts, rather accept that they are there. If you at least can recognize when the ego is trying to hurt you, then you are better equipped to slowly dismantle it.

Being present in this moment is the ultimate way to dismantle the ego. When you just “be” there is no ego. There are no thoughts about the past and the future that the ego can use against you. So how happy are you right now?

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