Turning a Negative into a Positive

 “You´re going to go through tough times- that´s life. But I say, ´Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.´ See the positive in negative events.” -Joel Osteen
When negative things happen to us in our lives, we tend to look only at the negative aspects of it. It makes sense though, right? How else could one perceive a situation like this? I am here to tell you that no matter how bad something is, there is always a way to put it in a positive light. It will not always be easy because some occurrences are much more devastating than others, like the death of a loved one, natural disaster, etc., so some may take longer to overcome. But there is always something in our lives that we can be grateful for. There is something there that can make us feel happy. Maybe it is possible to turn a negative event into a positive action. For example, if a tornado destroys your home, all your possessions, maybe looking at all the memories you had there will make you feel positive about what kind of life was present there. It won´t happen overnight but maybe the happiness you had before the disaster can restore some faith in your future home.Or being blessed that no one was harmed in the disaster. Like I said, this will never be easy, but these positive thoughts are possible. I hope you can try to bring about more positive thinking into your everyday lives. After all, I believe each day is something to be grateful for.

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