12 Ways to Combat a Bad Mood

Bad moods are hopefully something you try to avoid as much as possible but there is no denying it. You will be in a bad mood from time to time. It happens. You don’t get enough sleep. Situations at work or at home are difficult. You are only human. So what do you do? How do you respond? Here is a list of positive things you can do to combat the bad moods you experience.
1. Take a deep breath
It is amazing what a simple deep inhalation and exhalation can do for the body and the mind. If you notice yourself developing an unpleasant mood or you are already experiencing a grim state of mind, close your eyes and take a deep breath. I am not proposing that it will eradicate your negative frame of mind but it definitely has the possibility of helping. At the very least it won’t make things worse.
2. Remove yourself from the situation
As a human being you will automatically blame your mood on something or someone outside of yourself. That is the ego in your mind denouncing whatever it is that is disturbing you. Whether or not you have the awareness to understand that you are just having a rough day compared with your incessant blame of another person, simply try removing yourself from the situation. If you are having an argument with a loved one, respectfully leave the situation for a few moments to gather clarity.
3. Meditate
Take a few moments for yourself and just be in the present. Practice mindfulness and focus on your breath. Let the past be the past and don’t consume yourself with the future. You deserve this time to unwind. Even a few minutes of dedicated meditation to yourself can have a profound impact on your frame of mind.
4. Exercise
Release the stress and tension you are experiencing. Go for walk or a jog. Do yoga. Head to the gym and lift weights. Involve yourself in some physical activity. It might make you feel better or even more preferable, maybe you will forget what you were upset about in the first place.
5. Meet up with a friend
Often people don’t want to be around others when they are in a bad mood. They would rather be left alone as their thoughts continuously beat them down. Instead of bottling up these thoughts, meet a friend or coworker whom you can air out your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Sometimes you need to merely vent and get problems out in the open. Seek out your most understanding and thoughtful friends who will be willing to hear you out. Talking things through can be much more beneficial than simply holding them in.
6. Watch your favorite TV show or movie
I would suggest viewing something comical. Watching a sad or scary movie would only further depress your emotions. Comic relief can be very powerful so watch an episode of a funny show. The goofier, the better.
7. Read a book or something you enjoy
Engage your mind in reading. There are plenty of positive journals, articles, books, etc. that you can enjoy. These sources are especially useful when you are having a bad day. Take advantage of all the information that is at your disposal.
8. Listen to upbeat music, sing, and dance
If you are really feeling lousy than turn on some upbeat music. It would behoove you to listen to a song that you know the lyrics to and can dance to. Let yourself be vulnerable to silliness, and sing and dance as if you are a music star. I do this sometimes when I feel down. At first there is the urge to hold back and not let yourself go, but as the music continues you can’t stop yourself from being taken over by it. What a feeling!
9. Play a game
Games are supposed to be fun so immerse yourself in a game that you particularly enjoy. Try to choose a game that is not going to upset you if don’t win. This kind of competitiveness will only worsen your mood. Kids’ games are always fun to play. They tend to brighten up my mood no matter what.
10. Eat something you really love
If you enjoy cooking than cook something you really like to eat. If there is a certain restaurant you love, then go there. If there is a desert that always puts a smile on your face, by all means, go get it. This won’t change the fact that you are in a bad mood but it will help take your mind off your negative thinking.
11. Write your thoughts down
Writing can be very therapeutic especially when you incorporate both negative and positive thoughts. If you simply write down why you are in a bad mood that is probably not enough. Although that can be helpful. Also focus on things you are grateful for and why things aren’t that bad even though you feel so crappy. Maybe you can even jot a few things that went well today despite the fact that your mood is so depressed.
12. Take a nap
You might argue against this. How can you sleep when you are in such a bad mood? Sometimes it is due to lack of sleep. I know on those days where my disposition is less than desirable it often stems from not getting enough sleep. Naps can help as long as they are not too long. Take a 20 or 30 minute power nap. See how you feel.
While none of these combatants will make you completely content and happy, they will hopefully take your mind off the issue at hand, and help your feel better. You are in control of your mood every day of your life whether you believe it or not. You have the choice to think positively or negatively every instant you get out of bed. The ego might disagree with this logic, and perhaps on some occasions you give into its demands, but ultimately the decision is yours. Despite this reasoning there are going to be times where you don’t feel right. Instead of staying in this negative state, open yourself up to positive ways of alleviating your negative thinking. Spending time in positive activities you enjoy can only add to your fulfillment. As you gain awareness you will notice the warning signs for those bad moods, and you will be able to more easily combat them.

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    Thanks guys. Sitting with morning coffee and prayer and was uplifted by your suggestions! Into action!

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