12 Killer Post Moves

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1. Drop Step with Power Dribble- This is one of the simplest post moves you can master. In order to do this move properly, you need to take a big step toward the basket with your baseline leg. Your foot needs to be pointed toward the basket. You have to step at an advantageous angle toward the basket, not away from it which would give the defense the advantage. You have to be low and wide and make contact with the defensive player. The power dribble has to be low and in between your legs with your elbows wide. This will ensure that you protect the ball from the defender and it makes you strong as you progress to the basket. After the power dribble explode to the basket and finish.
2. Power Dribble Hook Shot- Use the same power dribble but finish with a hook shot instead. Integrating a hook shot into your offensive arsenal will be very beneficial. The hook shot is a lost art and when performed correctly, it is unblockable and unguardable.
3. Power Dribble Spin- This is a great counter to the basic drop step move. If the defender takes away your drop step then keep your dribble, and spin away from the defender. If you drop step toward the baseline, spin back to the middle. If you drop step to the middle, then spin back toward the baseline. The spin needs to be quick but under control. Make sure you stay low and wide. Keep your feet shoulder width apart so you can stay on balance.
4. Quick Spin Baseline- Use this move when you can feel the defender is taking away your middle attack. With your baseline foot, spin toward the baseline, protecting the ball with your body. Stay low during this move. It is good to make contact with the defender using your shoulder so he will have difficulty recovering. The contact will bump him away from you.
5. Up and Under- Another great counter move. You can do this move with or without the dribble. Either way set up the move with a shot fake. Your eyes have to be on the rim and the ball has to be up in the air. After the defender goes for the shot fake step through and power your way to the basket.
6. Shot Fake and Go- This move is for mobile post players. Square up to the basket and sell the shot fake. After the defender goes for the fake, attack the basket. You need to use great footwork with this move. The first step has to be past the defender and towards the basket so he will have difficulty recovering.
7. Power Dribble Spin Counter- This is a counter to the counter. After you have done the power dribble spin move a couple of times try the counter to that. After spinning to either side, shot fake, and step through to the basket. If you read the defense effectively this move will work very well.
8. Turn, Face, and Jab- Turn and square to the basket. Sell the drive to the defender using a violent jab step. When the defender steps back, shoot a midrange jump shot.
9. Jab and Go- This time square up and jab step but instead of shooting, attack the basket. Wait for the defender to close out on you before you attack.
10. Running Hook- Perform a running hook going baseline or middle. Get the defender on your hip. Set up the move with a shot fake or a jab step. Attack the basket and extend your hand to shoot the hook shot.
11. Power Dribble Step Back- Take your normal power dribble toward the basket like you are going to finish at the basket. If the defender cuts you off of your path to the basket, step back pushing off the leg closest to the defender, creating space between you and the defender. Stay on balance and shoot a jump shot. You can do this post move going toward the middle or toward the baseline.
12. Reverse Pivot- This move requires some very good footwork. Power dribble whichever direction you would like and come to a jump stop. If you dribble to the middle, the foot closest to the basket is going to be your pivot foot. After jumping stopping, turn your body back towards the basket and finish. You have to be careful to not pick up your pivot foot when spinning back to the basket.

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