11 Things You Can Do With the Pivot

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Imagine playing basketball without the ability to pivot. The game would be much more difficult. Players who picked up their dribble would probably turn the ball over more because they would be unable to use their pivot as a way to create space and separate themselves from their defenders. There would be poorer shot selection because there wouldn’t be the option of jump stopping and using the pivot to step around the defender. Pivots help slow the game down and puts players in a position to make effective basketball decisions.
When used wisely, pivots provide an advantage for offensive players. Here is a list of the ways in which pivots are used:
2. To step around a defender in order to make a pass.
3. To find a better angle in which to pass to an open teammate.
4. In conjunction with the dribble in order to protect the basketball and open up a driving lane.
5. To make a quick spin in the post.
6. To set up a shot fake
7. To make a pass fake.
8. To set up the dribble after a rebound.

9. To set up an outlet pass after a rebound.
10. To step through a trap.
11. To turn into a shot.

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