7 Steps to Dynamic Defense

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1. Stance– Knees are bent and butt is low to the floor. Feet are approximately shoulder width apart. Back is straight. Hands are out wide and ready to defend.
2. Jump to Ball– When the ball moves, you move. Wherever you are on the court, jump toward the direction of the ball to ensure that you are seeing both your man and the ball.
3. Help side– If you jump to ball you ensure that you are in great help side position. As a defender you can’t only be focused on the man you are guarding. You have to be aware of where the ball is at all times and be ready to help on dribble penetration. Align yourself in proper help side position depending on where the basketball is. Don’t over help but also give yourself enough space to provide necessary help.
4. Slide- When guarding the ball make sure you slide properly. Feet should stay approximately shoulder width apart even when you are sliding. Your feet should never touch or come together. Stay on the balls of your feet, not on your heels. This slows you down. Depending on which direction you are sliding you lead with the front leg. If you are sliding to the right lead with the right leg. If you are sliding to the left lead with the left leg. Most importantly always stay in your stance when sliding. Don’t bob up and down out of your stance because that will slow you down.
5. Closeout- This is one of the most difficult things to do on defense. Run out to your defender with your hands high. Closeout short and chop your feet by staying on your toes. This ensures you will be ready to move if the offensive player decides to dribble. If the offensive player you are closing out on is not a shooter then closeout short taking away the dribble penetration. If he is a shooter then closeout hard and make him put the ball on the floor. Either way square up your feet so your top leg is on top of his top leg. This will take away middle drives especially when you are closing out on the wings.
6. Take a Charge– When you are in good help side position and you have slid into your spot early to help, try to take a charge. Make sure you stay low and let the offensive player run into you.
7. COMMUNICATION- The most important part of playing great defense. You have to talk. Even if you are not always saying something constructive, talk because it is difficult to play against a defense that is always talking. Help your teammates out. Let them know you are there for them in help side. Call out ball when you are guarding the dribbler. Call out screens. The more you talk the easier it is for you to play defense.

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