6 Great Finishing Moves to Use Coming off the Ball Screen

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When using a ball screen it is important to be aggressive so the defense has to react. Even if the ball handler is not going to score off the ball screen, attacking the defense will keep the defense honest, so he or she can make a play for someone else on the team. Ball screens are great opportunities to get a ball handler chances to score. Here are six great finishing moves to use off the ball screen.
1. Jump Stop- Attack the basket off the ball screen and make a fundamental jump stop on both feet as soon as you get close enough to the basket to finish. Stay low on the jump stop and power up to the basket. Using the jump stop on both feet gives you the option of choosing your pivot foot depending on where the defense is.
2. Reverse- Attack the basket off the ball screen and finish with a reverse layup on the opposite side of the rim. This takes away any shot-blocking opportunities from the defense because you are able to use the basket as a rim protector.
3. Crow Hop- This is a great move to elude a defender on your way to the basket. As you attack the basket, hop away from the defender and land with a jump stop. If the defender takes away the baseline drive then hop away from him towards the middle. If he takes away the middle path, hop away from him towards the baseline. It is important that you protect the basketball securely with two hands when doing this move. Don’t expose the ball to the defense.
4. Push Shot- Attack the basket off the ball screen and jump stop. As soon as you jump stop, shoot the ball with one hand. This should be done in one motion. Jump stop and then push the ball towards the basket with the strength of your entire body.
5. One-Footed Runner- This is a great shot to use when you are unable to get all the way to the basket. Shoot the ball off one foot as you are running to the basket. It is a very difficult shot to defend and it takes a lot of balance and body control in order to perfect.
6. Change of Direction- Attack the basket off the ball screen and change the direction you are going in order to counter the defense. Use a crossover, behind the back, between the legs, spin dribble, etc. Stay on balance and finish on the other side of the basket.

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