4 Ways to Pass the Basketball

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1. Chest Pass- It is called a chest pass because the ball should go to the receiver’s chest. Start the pass from your chest with both hands on the ball. Snap your wrists out and your thumbs down. Your fingers should be pointing toward the direction of the person you are passing to. Always take a step when making a chest pass in order to get more strength and guidance on your pass.

2. Bounce Pass- A bounce pass should also finish at the receiver’s chest but instead of passing the ball through the air, you are passing it off the bounce. Same fundamentals apply on a bounce pass as they do on a chest pass but you are going to step and pass halfway or 2/3 of the direction toward the receiver. This means the ball should land on the ground a little more than halfway to where the receiver is. This will give the ball enough room to end up in the receiver’s chest. The follow through should be pointed more towards the ground and not so much toward the receiver since you are passing off the bounce and not in the air.

3. Overhead Pass- This is a great pass to use when the receiver is too far away to throw a simple chest pass. You will be passing the ball over your head. You want to make sure you don’t bring the ball too far back when passing. The ball should never go behind your head because if you release too far from behind your head, you are going to get a lot of air under the ball, which will make for a slow pass. You want the ball to stay above your head. Use your triceps to snap the pass to the receiver. The receiver should catch the ball in the chest as with any good basketball pass.

4. Wrap Around Pass- This is a great pass to use when you are attempting to elude a defender. You can make a wrap around pass with one or two hands, and you can also pass the ball off the ground or in the air. What is important with this pass is the step. You need to step around your defender and protect the ball when making this pass. If you don’t make a big step around your defender than you are not taking advantage of your offensive space. Get your defender on your hip after you step around, and with the outside hand make a chest or bounce pass. If you throw a chest pass it has to be strong and on target. If throw a bounce pass, it needs to wrap around the receiver’s defender so he can’t get to it.

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