3 Values for Happy Living

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What can you do to invigorate your life? What is missing? What are three things you can do everyday that will ensure you live the most fulfilling life possible?

There are numerous worthwhile values to incorporate into your life but I would like to focus on three specific values that I think can help anyone live a life filled with contentment and joy. They are seemingly easy to follow on the surface but it takes a lot of practice and discipline to infuse your life with these values.

1. Be Passionate- Whatever you undertake in life do it passionately. Introduce hobbies, people, and work into your life that you are passionate about. This kind of passionate living will bring you authentic happiness. If you engage in hobbies that you enjoy, spend time with people you sincerely enjoy being around, and love the work that you do then you are an example of someone who is living passionately. You can’t fake this. It is a natural progression. You will eventually notice that even the simplest tasks in life are done with vigor and passion because you enjoy your life that much.

2. Be Loving- Love other people. Love your work. Love your hobbies. Love and passion are aligned. The more love you exude the happier you are going to be. It is that simple. You can’t fake loving someone. You aren’t always going to agree with people you love either. Life isn’t going to go your way all the time simply because you love yourself and everyone else in it. It is during adversity when you truly show how loving you are. Are you quick to punish yourself or someone else, or are you able to overcome adversity with acceptance and understanding? This is a form of love as well. It doesn’t mean you are expected to go around hugging everyone all the time but it does mean that you are compassionate of others. When you are loving you are not living in fear or entangling yourself in fear-based emotions.

3. Be Happy- If you live passionately and love yourself and others in the process, chances are more likely than not that you are a fairly happy person. It is not as easy as waking up today and telling yourself that you are going to be happy today. Happiness is a choice, not a conditional response to the events that take place throughout your day. You ultimately choose to be happy or unhappy. You need to practice and train everyday for the cultivation of your genuine happiness. As you gain awareness of your thoughts and actions you will start to observe the positive effects of pure joy.




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