Celebrating Another Year

As I look back at the year 2014, I would like to say how blessed and fortunate I was to be part of such an incredible journey. Sometimes you become so immersed in your everyday agenda, that time just slips by. How fast 2014 came and went. It seems like the older you get, the more fleeting life truly becomes. Having a greater appreciation and awareness for life these past few months have really helped me understand what it is all about. I am thankful to have come across so many new people this past year, to live in a new country (Finland), and to be back in a familiar place (Germany). Every day has been a blessing, even though some have been better than others. I am grateful for another year of health and happiness for my family, my friends and all those other people I have come into contact with. I wish all of you out there nothing but the best for the year 2015 as you reflect on this past year. God bless and Happy New Years!!!

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  1. Barb Oppland

    Happy New Year to you guys too!!

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