Your Body is a Temple

As I sit here on the day of my birth feeling content and blessed to have experienced another year of life, I realize that life is fleeting. It is not a depressing epiphany, rather an exciting and action-provoking one. As you age the body slowly breaks down. It is not necessarily noticeable from year to year but day by day, you are getting older, and your body is losing the battle with Father Time. This reality shouldn’t be taken with gloom. Instead view it as an opportunity to take advantage of the time you have left. Treat your body with respect.

How do you treat your body with respect? Do you have to eliminate all of your unhealthy habits in order to achieve full body sustenance? In the same manner that you respect your mind by keeping it active and free from clutter, you can respect your body as well. You don’t need to become a vegetarian or vegan in order to completely respect your body. You don’t need to give up drinking alcohol entirely in order to respect your body. You don’t need to eliminate intense physical activity in order to fully respect your body. But you need to be mindful of your body. Be aware of your body. This is the most important step in connecting with your body. From here you will make consistently positive choices that are in the best interest of your body.

As an athlete I have a unique perspective on this topic because without my body being in great shape, I can’t do my job. In saying that, I am always learning new and improved ways in which I can take better care of my body. It is important to keep tabs on what you are putting into your body, as well as how much rest you are giving your body.

I am not proposing that you stop eating fast food altogether or that you never drink a beer. I am imploring you to take account of the condition of your body, and respect it. Do what it necessary to maintain a healthy body because you only have one body. You only have one life. I am positive your life is going to be much more fulfilling when you treat your body with respect.

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