The 5 Ps of Passionate Living

In order to live a passionate life, one you are proud of and excited about, you need to know how. It is not something that automatically happens for you each day. You have to wake up each more and make the choice to be passionate about the day, and therefore passionate about what you are doing. Passion is often described as an intense emotion or a compelling enthusiasm  or desire for anything. Passion introduces meaning into your life and keeps you focused on the things you really want.

You first need to discover what you are passionate about. It might be something grandiose or something small. The size doesn’t matter because the amount of passion you show for wharever it is you love in life, is part of your purpose in life. Whether or not you know it, understand it, or even believe it, human beings are supposed to live passionate lives and engage in activities that are meaningful. Without further ado, here are the 5 P’s of a passionate life.

1. Presence- It is difficult to accomplish anything unless you are present. When you are completely focused on the now and living in the present your mind is capable of extraordinary accomplishments. You are able to think clearer without past and future distractions. Your passions are aligned with your presence because when you are engrossed in your passions, you are totally concentrated on what is occurring in this moment. Your mind is not wandering. You love what you are doing right now so why would you think about anything else? This is the point of a passionate life. Consistent involvement with your passions coincides with your ability to live presently, and therefore live a more enjoyable life. If you don’t think you are cultivating enough passion in your life than search for ways to introduce more into your life.

2. Perspective- If you want to enjoy a thoroughly passionate life you have to have the right perspective. It is not as simple as telling yourself you will live more optimistically. You need to take the necessary steps each day that are going to benefit you and your desire to live with a positive perspective. Perspective is everything. If you wake up in a bad mood with a negative attitude toward the day you are probably going to experience this existence throughout your day. It is difficult to fulfill your passions to the fullest when you are ticked off at the world. I’m not suggesting that you aren’t allowed to be in a bad mood sometimes. That is going to happen. You are a human being with emotions that has the right to express those in any manner you choose. Being in a bad mood once in a while is much different than carrying a gloomy perspective through life. Passions don’t flourish in people with pessimistic perspectives just like plants don’t flourish without sunshine.

3. Patience- In order to fulfill your passions you need to be patient. Often passions find you not the other way around. You should continue to look for passionate ways to live but be patient if you don’t find them immediately. Be patient because you are meant to experience a passionate life but sometimes they uncover themselves in unexpected ways. You also need to be patient with yourself. If you are having a tough day and your negative emotions get the best of you, don’t beat yourself up. You are going to experience some ebbs and flows throughout your days and your life. This is normal. Continue to patiently align yourself with your passions and observe what happens. Again it might take some time but good things happen to those who wait.

4. Perseverance- What do you do when things get real tough for you? What do you do when you go for your passions but you come up empty? Being patient in these situations is not enough. You have to persevere. When you work diligently at accomplishing your passions it is never a waste of time even if you fail. Yes I said the dreaded “f” word. You will fail at one point or another when you are pursuing your passions. A passionate life is not all rainbows and gumdrops. You will encounter major obstacles that maybe even cause you to question if you are hunting the right passions. This is the moment you need to persevere because only you know what your passions are, not the negative voices in your mind. As long as your passionate life is not harming yourself or others keep on living it no matter what. Overcoming adversity is what makes fulfilling your passions so gratifying.

5. Practice- This is the most important P because without daily practice your passions will die and become decrepit. Keep your passions vibrant and full of life. Immerse yourself in them every day. If you are truly passionate about something this will be easy. It is important that you don’t allow the busyness of life to impede your desires. Even the simplest of tasks can be done with passion. You have the choice of viewing what you do during the day as a series of mundane tasks or you can choose to live with vigor and spunk. It sounds corny but people who live passionately are great at it because they constantly practice it. They focus on their own personal passions, but at the same time, try to bring a passionate attitude into everything they execute in life. Every day is a gift so why not unwrap your gift with passion like a young child on Christmas. Rip that box open and live!


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