5 Steps to an Effective V-cut

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If you can’t get open on the wing you won’t be a reliable offensive option. A simple v-cut is one of the best ways to get open on the wing. Learn these steps and practice them in game situations. They will make your life as a perimeter player much easier.
1. Bring your defender away from the area you want to catch the ball- You can’t stand in the same spot dancing around and expect to get open. If your defender doesn’t need to move you are making his life easy. Walk from the wing to the lane or near the lane so the defender has to react to your movement. This is called setting up your cut.
2. Use your body to get into the defender and open up to the ball- Once your defender has followed you to the setup point, get your body into him. You can’t merely bring him down to the lane and run out to the wing. This might work once in a while, but to make an effective cut, you need to step into your defender and make contact. If possible step your foot in between the defender’s legs as if you were boxing him out. This will make it difficult for him to catch up with you when you open up to the ball.
3. Create an angle with your cut to catch at different spot than you started- It is imperative that you don’t cut in a straight line or on an even plane. Start your cut at one point, walk to the lane, and cut to another point. If you cut back and forth in a straight line your defender has an easier time guarding you. By using your body you can create a more opportune angle for you to cut to the wing. Creating an angle gives you the advantage you need to get open.
4. Change the pace of your cut- Basketball is predicated on change of pace. If you are working at the same speed throughout your v-cut you are going to be predictable for the defense. That is why it is important for you to walk your defender to lane and then explode to the wing after setting up the cut and making contact with the defender.
5. Hands and feet are ready to catch the ball after the cut- The v-cut is not completed until you reach the wing, catch the ball, and turn and face up to the basket. Catch the ball with the outside foot so you keep your body in between the ball and the defender. Turn and square up your feet using your inside foot with your eyes on the rim. Now you have properly opened yourself up. Now you are a threat.

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