7 Ways to Be a Reliable Teammate

Whether at work, on the court or field, or anywhere else that teamwork is essential, being a reliable teammate should never be taken for granted. Your team is more likely to flourish when it is comprised of reliable teammates, as opposed to capricious individuals.
If you have the fortunate opportunity of being a part of team, ask yourself if you are a reliable teammate. Here are some ways you can ensure that you are a dependable and trusting member of your team.
1. Cheer on your teammates for their successes- Celebrate with your teammates when they perform well. Even if you are struggling and going through a rough patch let your teammates know you are genuinely happy for their accomplishments.
If you are close with your teammates this should be a natural display. It won’t be forced and unauthentic. There is nothing better than receiving pure praise from your teammates when you complete a task successfully. The other side of this is receiving false praise or noticing that teammates are resentful or even jealous when you prosper.
2. Constructively criticize- There are going to be moments when you need to disapprove your teammates’ actions in a positive and useful manner. Notice I used the words constructively criticize. If you consistently scream and bark orders to your teammates in a negative tone they are going to tune you out. As a reliable teammate don’t be afraid to let your teammates know when their mistakes are adversely affecting the progress of the entire group.
3. Know when to be a bulldog- 99% of the time you need to be constructive in your criticisms of your teammates but there is that 1% of the time when you need to be a bulldog. I’m not suggesting you should berate your teammates in a curse-filled, ranting, mean-spirited way, but find an appropriate method to convey your point.
You can’t always coddle your teammates and be concerned with how they are going to react. If they respect you and they know you are reliable they are going to understand that you are looking out for their best interests, as well as the teams’. Don’t be afraid to get nasty when it is completely necessary.
4. Invite teammates to socialize- Take the initiative by engaging your teammates outside of the workplace or practice field. Focus on getting to know one another better. Discuss topics that don’t relate to your specific work or sport. This is where team chemistry is maximized. If you are reliable outside the sphere of the “team”, you are going to be more respected when your team is working together.
5. Support your teammates- This is more than merely celebrating your teammates’ accomplishments. This is about picking up your teammates when they are down and out. Be compassionate toward your teammates. Try to understand why they are toiling, and take action to help them. This kind of sincerity is going to mean more coming from a teammate as opposed to a coach or team leader.
6. Listen to your teammates- Actively listen to what your teammates say. Even if you completely disagree with their ideas give them the opportunity to voice their opinions. Reliable teammates don’t push their own agendas to the forefront while dismissing their teammates’ suggestions.
Learn how to cooperate with your teammates. Work together with your teammates so you can decipher a conclusion that is best for the team. This kind of teamwork can only occur if you are aware of what your teammates are contributing to the group. Pay attention to them, and hopefully they will do the same for you.
7. Make your teammates better- In sports this is often the main criteria for being a dependable teammate. Not only are the best athletes typically the most talented, but often they are the most reliable teammates as well.
Go out of your way to make your teammates better. Ask yourself how you can make someone else on your team better today. This kind of thinking requires a tremendous amount of awareness and focus on the “we” of the team and not the “me”.

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