The Madness that is March

Today marks in my mind, one of the greatest sporting events around, March Madness. For the next few weeks, we will witness uspets, buzzer beaters and hopefully some great stories surrounding this wonderful tournament. Having been a part of the madness, this time really is special for me. They say sports are a lot like life, and I firmly believe that, especially during this time. It´s a time where David ultimately defeats Goliath, where giants may sometimes fall. We learn of new names, new heroes and new reasons to love this wonderful game. The best team, best players can´t always win, and I think this demonstrates a valuable life lesson; things will not always go as planned. The NCAA Tournament, like life, shows that normalcy is not always prevelant, and that sometimes you cannot be prepared for what will happen next. So when you are watching the games today, really soak up and enjoy the Madness. Appreciate what these players have done to get where they are today. It will be over before you know it.


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