5 Things You Can Learn From March Madness

If I had it my way today would be considered a national holiday in the United States. I think it is one of the best days of the year besides Christmas. There is a buzz around the NCAA Basketball Tournament that can’t be matched. It is simply a magnificent event.
Even if you aren’t a basketball fan, or a sports fan for that matter, there are still parts of this spectacle you can appreciate. There are lessons to be learned from watching young people compete together in the name of a common objective. If you have never experienced March Madness before I implore you to take some time, either today or tomorrow, to check it out. Observe the excitement, and see what all the fuss is about.
1. Passion- If you aren’t a passionate person are or you aren’t sure what it means to emit passion, watch the NCAA Tournament. There are only a few sporting events where the level of passion soars through the roof. (FYI, watch the 2018 World Cup in a few years.)
The manner in which these young men play with passion is inspiring and motivating. It is win or go home. The passion is notably exuded for the teams who are underdogs and therefore, not supposed to win. They don’t know if they will ever get another chance to be on such a grand stage. They have no choice but to play passionately.
2. Perseverance- It is amazing how many upsets have occurred over the years in this tournament because of teams’ refusal to give up. Watch players, coaches, and fans persevere through the ebbs and flows of the games. Just when you think a game is over something extraordinary will happen. I guarantee you will adopt the “never-say-die” attitude these players exhibit after watching these games.
3. Selflessness- You may witness some selfish play but I am positive you will see many selfless acts throughout the tournament. The teams that are most successful in the tournament are the ones that are willing to do anything for the benefit of the team. Observe players on the bench, and how they cheer their teammates on even though they will never play. Watch managers and assistant coaches helping players out with whatever they need. See how the players orchestrate the ball patiently in order to get the best shot for the team. This is what makes the Madness beautiful.
4. Sportsmanship- Players and coaches are going to make many mistakes throughout the tournament. Every team is going to lose at some point except for one. Notice how players and coaches react after losses. Initially, they will be upset, perhaps even heartbroken, but in the end, I am sure you will see great acts of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is relevant in all walks of life because you will experience losses. It is how you respond to these losses that defines your character.
5. Humility- Are the winners humble after the game or do they rub the opponents face in their misfortune? I believe you are going to see caring and gracious acts of humility. Teams respect one another because they understand the commitment and sacrifice it takes to get to this pinnacle of the season. It is part of the reason they are able to make it to the Big Dance. Observe how humble the winners are. Observe how they congratulate their opponents for a great season. There is a lesson to be learned from this kind of interaction.

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