5 Guidelines For Proper Ball Screen Use (As A Non-Screen Player)

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It is not only essential that the ball handler and the screener properly use the ball screen. The non-screen players have to react to the ball screen in an appropriate manner as well. Often their actions and movements are critical to the outcome of the ball screen.
1. BE PATIENT- Non-screen players need to slow down and let the screen develop. If non-screen players are too busy running around aimlessly on the court, there is a chance they are going to interfere with the ball screen.
2. Observe the screen- This is related to being patient but it deserves its own mention. Non-screeners have to observe the screen and notice where the screen is being set. Simply doing this will prevent them from interfering with the ball screen action.
3. Keep proper spacing- After seeing where the screen is being set, non-screen players should position themselves appropriately on the opposite side of the court. They want to allow as much space as possible for the ball handler and the screener to operate.
4. Don’t just stand and watch- Some coaches may disagree with this, but the non-screen players shouldn’t just stand and watch. They need to stay in motion and move without the ball. This makes them more difficult to guard, and it doesn’t allow the off-the-ball defenders to sit in help side without having to alter their positions. Overall it makes the defense’s job more challenging.
5. Be ready- It sounds simple enough but often non-screen players are not ready to catch the ball after the ball screen is set. Non-screen players have to make themselves available for the ball handler to pass to after the penetration off the ball screen. Maybe the will be open for jump shot or cut back door if their defender falls asleep. They have to have their hands ready to catch and shoot, catch and dribble, or catch and pass. They must be ready to react to the defense if the ball comes their way, or crash the offensive boards if a shot goes up, or get back on defense if there is a turnover or missed shot.

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