5 Benefits of Trusting Others

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Events happen in life that make trusting other people challenging and intimidating. Lovers lose trust in one another and relationships when one partner cheats on the other. Children lose the trust of grownups when they are hurt or mistreated. The myriad of criminal activity depicted in the media and broadcasted throughout the world often causes people to question whom they can really trust.
I hope you are implement a lot of trust in your social life because in today’s society it seems people are becoming less and less trustworthy, or as I like to say, trust willing. People aren’t willing to trust others for fear that something unfavorable will occur. When you trust you make yourself vulnerable. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable you let go of your metaphorical “guard.”
Obviously trust issues can’t be generalized for the entire population. It is very dependent on how each individual was raised, and past experiences play a significant role in whether or not you can or are willing to trust others. It would be imprudent of me to simply implore people to trust especially if they are overcoming serious issues where their trust wasn’t taken advantage of.
However, I am a proponent of trust because I think it will create a more utilitarian society; one where people are happier and more functional. I believe trust has many benefits for you and me.
1. Meaningful Social Connections
Imagine a world where you freely and openly trust others. There is no fear that you will be exploited. There is no fear that you will be mistreated.
Perhaps this is an improbable scenario but I believe social connections are enhanced when you trust more. I don’t merely mean with those people that are closest to you-friends and family. I am also referring to strangers you pass on the street. It would be nice to say hello to someone without being labeled as a weirdo or creep.
You don’t need to blindly trust strangers, but hopefully a friendly gesture from a stranger is not viewed as more than that. I think this level of trust is missing today as society grows and expands. People are busier and take less time to connect, and this is often due to lack of trust.
2. Higher Levels Of Self-Confidence
As you trust more people you are affording yourself the opportunity of learning more about others and yourself. Perhaps this kind of confidence can best be demonstrated in a romantic relationship. Past transgressions can make it difficult for people to start new relationships. Trust is often the key factor for why relationships don’t work.
Allowing yourself to be with another person builds self-confidence. Companionship makes you feel better about yourself because you aren’t holding anything back. It is a warm feeling when you allow yourself to be with another person openly and without restraint. This level of trust doesn’t necessarily happen right away but you must take the first step.
You can also experience high levels of self-confidence through trust in other relationships. Building trust in others means you are confident that even if the relationship doesn’t work out you didn’t lose anything. This can be romantic, business, friendships, etc. Building trust with others is an opportunity to build confidence in yourself.
3. Lower Stress Levels
From personal experience it is much less stressful to trust others than not. When I have been untrusting of others I have experienced worry, fear, angst, and anger. When I have been trusting of others I have experienced states of calmness and acceptance.
Sometimes high levels of stress associated with untrusting behavior might be helpful and healthy. It steers you away from dangerous situations. But how often are you really in these kind of situations? Often the stressed alarms you experience are unnecessary. They are leftover from past experiences. When you are in troubling situations you are going to know it. For all other situations give trust a try and notice the level of stress you experience.
4. Peace Of Mind
I have mentioned it before but the peace of mind that coincides with trust can’t be emphasized enough. It is soothing to know that you aren’t afraid of being emotionally and mentally damaged by others, especially those closest to you. You aren’t jealous or ruminating over past experiences. It is a lovely state of mind to be in; you can choose to live in this state. All it takes is a little trust.
5. Increased Optimism
All of these points are focused on viewing life through an optimistic lens. If you don’t want to trust others that is your choice. It seems like a pessimistic way to live life. To a certain extent you are going to have to trust other people. You are going to trust that the cook didn’t spit in the soup you ordered. You are going to trust that the pharmacist is not adding poison to your prescription. You are going to trust that the doctor prescribes you the correct medication. This kind of trust is routine and mundane.
I am challenging you to implement more trust into the bigger aspects of your life like your relationships and your life choices. Trust yourself. Trust others. You are always doing the best that you can. At the same time, people are not out to get you. I guarantee you will enjoy more happiness as you are more willing to trust others.

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