5 Things We Should Say Everyday

When you get up today to start another wonderful day, a day that is not assured again, have these 5 little reminders inside your head. If you can say these five words or phrases, in no specific order, throughout each passing day, then you have had one heck of a day:

1.) Thank you- A simple thank you can go a long way. Be grateful for what someone has done for you. We run into moments each day where we can thank someone else. It can be a loved one or a stranger. It can be simply saying this phrase, or waving your hand to a driver who let you ahead of them. Whatever it may be, be thankful towards another person today. You will be amazed at how fulfilling this makes you feel.

2.) I love you- We should find one person in our life who we love. And I am sure this person knows that you love them. But go one step further by saying that you love them. It might be just what they needed to hear that day. They say actions speak louder than words, but sometimes it is still nice to hear this phrase from someone you love. So don´t be shy, express your verbal enamoredness towards another.

3.) Please- It is amazing the times I have come across people who have asked for something without using the word “please.” It seems so simple, yet sometimes it is lacking, especially when we have a close relationship with someone else. How many times do you say please to your significant other when asking for something from them? We kind of get used to the fact that they will do a certain task for us no matter what. Show respect and admiration for that person with a simple please.

4.) Yes- When is the last time you said yes to something? Some of us are so busy with our external, mundane lives that when something new and challenging springs up, we forgo that experience, for one reason or another. Of course we all have busy lives, but sometimes the best response to that is saying yes. It doesn´t have to be a huge event like taking a vacation. It can be something simple as going for a walk, or getting a cup of coffee. Whatever the reason, say yes to something today!

5.) I´m sorry- This might be the most difficult to say because we are a very prideful human race. It is challenging for us to admit when we have done something wrong, or made a mistake. And let me be very honest and blunt with you, we are not perfect! We make mistakes each and everyday. I know I do. So why wouldn´t there be an opportunity to apologize for those mishaps each day. It doesn´t even make you wrong, it makes you a compassionate person. It shows the kind of person you really are inside.

I truly believe we all of the power within us to say these words at some point during the day. With all the negative hoopla occurring in our world today, we need to be people of character, people of graciousness and gratefulness. We need to add these little words to our everday lives. They might not seem like that much, but believe me, they can go a long way in improving our world. You could make a positive impact to society simply by telling someone “Thank you.”


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