Life Is Not A Menu

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Life can be quite challenging and adverse at times. These obstacles come in many shapes and forms. They are often unpredictable and brash. They are also intriguing as they often teach lessons that aren’t realized until a later time.
Why do I care so much about adversity? Why focus on the difficulties you face? I believe you can’t merely forgo the challenges you face in life, rather you must embrace them. It is important not to dwell on them and victimize yourself when they occur, but don’t merely view them as something that must be conquered. Don’t forget to take the time to comprehend what you can learn from it.
The law of attraction is a popular notion nowadays. The premise of the law of attraction is that you should be able to manifest all you imagine in life with the proper attitude and belief. The universe will give you want you want if you simply reach out to it. While I recognize the validity of the law of attraction, especially its focus on living and thinking positively, I think it’s important to point out some flaws with this kind of thinking.
I don’t want to use this as a platform to opine against the law of attraction but I want to ensure you realize life is not a menu from which you can simply order what you want with the expectation that it will be delivered to you. Initially I was gung-ho about the thought of being able to simply conjure up thoughts of what I wanted and having it delivered.
Obviously the proponents of the law of attraction aren’t naïve enough to believe that you can attract without action but I think some people are drawn to the law of attraction when they are especially at a rough point in their lives. I know I was.
I have come to realize that life is not a menu and that is what makes life so great. The more you can accept the ebbs and flows of life, learn from them, and create your “perfect” life, the more fulfilled, satisfied, and content you are going to be.
Acceptance doesn’t mean you don’t strive to do better. It means you accept where you are at the moment, and you figure out how to improve your situation. In this sense it is not a surrendering experience, rather a learning experience. By surrendering yourself to adversity and allowing yourself to be overcome with negative thoughts you are not bettering the situation. By accepting the obstacle, expressing appropriate negative emotion, and then determining the best course of action to overcome it you are empowering yourself and learning a great deal.
Set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. Enjoy the present moment as much as possible. Remember that life is not a menu in which you can command everything you covet with the expectation that it will unravel in front of you. Sometimes you might order filet mignon but you will receive a cheeseburger instead.
Even when you put in the hard work and effort things aren’t always going to go your way. That is perfectly ok. The calamity you encounter in life helps determine what kind of life you will live. It helps define and redefine your purpose in life. Embrace it. Don’t run from it.

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