Workout of Week (WOW): Bobby Hurley Conditioning

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Basketball isn’t just merely shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and playing defense. You have to be in great shape in order to do these things. That is why an effective basketball player is always in great physical condition.

This week’s workout is an old school conditioning workout from one of the best high school coaches of all time. Not only is he enshrined in the Naismith Hall of Fame, but he has two sons coaching at the division 1 level who were both great players.

There is nothing fancy to this workout, but it will ensure that you get your body fit and ready for the basketball season. This is a great workout to use in season as well.

There are eight stations to this workout. You can do this alone or as a team. Each exercise is performed for 35 seconds with 25 seconds rest.
Station 1- Lane slides- slide from lane line to lane line, utilizing proper defensive slide position
Station 2- Running figure 8 between the legs- using a basketball you are going to run down and back the full length of the court while putting the ball in between your legs in a figure 8 motion
Station 3- Crunches-basic abdominal exercise with your feet up in the air and hands behind your head or on your chest; don’t strain your neck, rather use your core to extend up to your legs
Station 4- Step ups- hold a basketball above your head or hold weights to the side of your body and step up on a bench or a step; explode the other leg up as you step
Station 5- Wall sits-literally sit against the wall with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle; feet should be shoulder width apart and directly under the knees; hand are over the head; back is straight against the wall
Station 6- Power jumps-first jump knees to chest and then jump heels to butt for one rep
Station 7- Pushups- you can vary whichever pushup you do (regular, medicine ball, basketball)
Station 8- Shirt drag-push shirt or towel across the court
Repeat for as many circuits as you choose. As the 35 seconds on and 25 seconds off gets too easy, progress to 45 seconds of conditioning and 15 seconds rest.

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