Workout of the Week- Figure Eight Pushups w/ 500 Core Work

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This week’s workout focuses on upper body and core strength. In order to be a top athlete whether it is in basketball or any other sport, it is vital to hone not only your basketball skills, but also your body as well. As they say for athletes, “Your body is your livelihood,” so it is imperative to strengthen and prepare it for the tenuous seasons it goes through. The following exercises are great because you don’t need weights or even a weight room to perform them. All you need is yourself, a gym or some other type of training area and the will power to better yourself. Here is what the workout looks like. I will explain all the exercises in detail:

1.) 1 full round of figure eight pushups w/ triceps extensions after

2.) 50 leg lifts

50 russian twists (25 each side, feet off the ground arms twisting from right to left, touching the ground each  time)

50 supermans (lay on back, have arms out in T position, bring chest and head off ground, eyes looking upward, hold for one sec then come back down)

25 butterfly crunches w/ 25 toe touches (sit butt on ground with legs out, bring hands and knees into chest and then go straight out, hold for a sec and bring arms and knees back in) (toe touches-lay on back, with feet straight up at 90 degrees, bring both hands to your toes)

50 back bridges (lay flat on back, and bring your butt into the air until back is at 90 degrees)

3.) 1 full round of figure eight pushups w/ triceps extensions after

4.) 50 side crunches (lay on side and bring both legs to chest, elbows to knees, 25 each side)

50 aquamans (lay on back like supermans, only this time keep head and chest on floor, just alternate arms up and down, 25 each side)

50 triangle crunches (crunch position on the ground only bring feet together w/ knees out in triangle position, bring both hands to stomach, hold for a sec and come down)

50 bicicycles (slow moving 25 each side)

50 opposite leg, opposite arm extensions (be on all fours, bring one hand straight out and at the same time the opposite leg straight out as well, switch arms and legs each time, 25 each side)

5.) 1 full round of figure eight pushups w/ triceps extensions


Now lets break down each exercise. For the figure eight pushups, you would simply would start on one corner of the baseline. You do one pushup and continually move along the baseline. When you get to the opposite corner, you continue doing pushups along the sideline this time. Do this until you reach the half court line, and move along the half court line with the pushups. When you reach the opposite side half court, move along the sideline on the other side of the half court and continue, until you reach the corner of the opposite baseline. You finish the round after going across the baseline. So basically you are moving across the entire court, from one baseline to the next. As you move during this exercise, you are performing a figure eight shape along the lines of the entire basketball court. This would be one round. You perform three rounds in the entirety of this workout.

For the tricep extensions, you just find a chair or bench and extend your legs out as far as possible. Then sit your hands behind your back on the chair. Lift your body off the chair and go down until your arms reach a 90 degree angle. Then come back up, squeezing your arms and keeping your core tight the entire time. You perform this exercise until failure after each round of pushups. For less stress on the knees, you can bend you knees at 90 degrees. You probably will not be able to do a lot, since you are working your triceps already with the push ups. This exercise is done 3 times during the workout.

This workout is meant to push your body to the limit. As you see, I didn’t write down rest times during each different exercise. That is because you are supposed to try and get it done without much rest. If you need to take a few seconds, go ahead, but otherwise, push yourself to the limit. Always keep your core tight, in order to strengthen it as much as possible. If you find yourself wanting to do more, then please, by all means, add something else. Have fun and enjoy getting better!





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